Coordinator´s corner – what is happening in CERES

by Myron Peck, scientific project coordinator

CERES held its 2nd Annual Project Meeting in Olhão, Portugal in March where we discussed all of our recent research on the direct and indirect effects of climate change on Europe’s fish and shellfish and fisheries and aquaculture sectors. Our partners (from Italy, Turkey, Spain and Portugal in the south to Denmark, Norway and the UK in the north) have been extremely active. Experiments have been conducted, long-term field data are being analyzed and our projections of climate impacts (both biological and economic) are underway. This research will help reveal both the risks and opportunities associated with climate change to Europe’s fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

Most recently, CERES produced a report summarizing the results of 600 studies conducted on the direct effects of climate (such as warming across freshwater and marine habitats, decreasing pH of marine waters (ocean acidification) and changes in dissolved oxygen concentration) on fish and shellfish. These data have not only improved our biological models but have also highlighted important gaps in knowledge.

To date, CERES has conducted more than 80 stakeholder engagement events and activities (from EU-wide to regional and local events in both the fisheries and aquaculture sectors). The feedback received at these events continues to help ensure that we provide relevant “climate-ready” solutions in support of sustainable Blue Growth. Please register in our website’s stakeholder database and give us your comments and questions – this is your direct route to providing comments, following our updates and shaping our CERES activities. Please also read our CERES “Storylines” listed on our website – these Storylines highlight our region- and sector-specific activities and provide additional contact details.

I congratulate our 26 CERES partners from industry, national laboratories and academia for their continued success and hard work in 2018.

News about CERES published by the European Commission

Photo: Aquaculture farm, by Ferit Rad, MEU, CERES Consortium European Commission has recently published two articles about CERES project. One was publish in the online Horizon Magazine “Europe must sea food in a new way thanks to warming waters” addressing aquaculture...

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CERES Focus Group Meeting organised by Mersin University

The focus-group meeting for verification of Turkish Typical (Virtual) Sea bass and sea bream and rainbow trout farms data, was held in Ankara on 3rd May 2018 in collaboration with Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock-Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture....

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New Article about CERES

Europe must sea food in a new way thanks to warming watersEurope is the fourth largest producer of fish in the world, according to Eurostat, with about 6.4 million tonnes of fish and shellfish caught or harvested by the European fisheries and aquaculture...

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Policy briefing in Brussels

CERES and ClimeFish joined for a successful policy briefing on forecasting and anticipating effects of climate change on fisheries and aquaculture in the European Commission. 

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Dr Mario Caña of the University of Azores interviewed CERES partner Dr John Icely of Sagremarisco Lda as a stakeholder representing the aquaculture industry in the Algarve region of  Portugal. Dr Caña was representing the Horizon 2020 project MUSES (Multi-Use in...

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Turkish industry gets involved into CERES

A joint workshop organized by Mersin University (MEU) and Elazığ Fisheries Research Institute was held on 4th of May in Elazığ Province, the largest rainbow trout producing region in Turkey. The workshop gathered stakeholders including trout farmers, researchers and...

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Annual Meeting

70 science and industry partners met - together with the members of the research advisory board and the reference user group - at the National University of Ireland, Galway (25-27th of March) for the very successful annual CERES consortium meeting. Three productive...

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