Here, available observational and experimental data, theoretical, and modelling approaches are combined to project and quantify potential effects of OAW on the future fisheries catches and resulting revenues and employment in the UK under different CO2 emission scenarios.

Overall, losses in revenue are estimated to range between 1 and 21% in the short term (2020–50) with England and Scotland being the most negatively impacted in absolute terms, and Wales and North Ireland in relative terms. Losses in total employment (fisheries and associated industries) may reach approximately 3–20% during 2020–50 with the >10 m fleet and associated industries bearing the majority of the losses.

Fernandes JA, Papathanasopoulou E, Hattam C, Queirós AM, Cheung WW, Yool A, Artioli Y, Pope EC, Flynn KJ, Merino G, Calosi P. Estimating the ecological, economic and social impacts of ocean acidification and warming on UK fisheries. Fish and Fisheries. 2017 May;18(3):389-411.