CERES researchers examined the data available in the published literature on the effects of climate change-related environmental factors on the most economically important marine and freshwater finfish and shellfish in Europe.

Infographic showing the main points from the paper

First, a semi‐systematic literature review was conducted followed by a Gap Analysis to explore potential bias in the available information by species, life stage and region.

Second, researchers employed a meta‐analysis to quantify the effects of the key climate drivers temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen on the vital rates of finfish and shellfish.

Furthermore, we provide a set of recommendations to help eliminate imbalance, bias and other potential shortcomings in the knowledge base needed for robust projections of climate impacts on these living aquatic resources.

Catalán, IA, Auch, D, Kamermans, P, et al. Critically examining the 
knowledge base required to mechanistically project climate impacts: A 
case study of Europe’s fish and shellfish. Fish Fish. 2019; 00: 1– 17.