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Oct 19, 2017 | CERES News

In this popular TV program of the Balearic Islands “People from the sea”, which is on every Sunday night, I.Catalán went out with local fishermen during a typical fishing day devoted to the storyline of dolphinfish. The fishing day consists on departing well before sunrise and head towards the floating aggregating devices (about 40 for each fishing boat) which concentrate juvenile dolphinfish during the months of (end of ) August-December.

During the show, I.Catalán explained to the general public (many fishermen and people used to conduct activities at the sea) the goal of CERES project, the specific goals of CSIC and the particular case of dolphinfish. Many questions were raised by the presenter, including basic scientific knowledge on the species and its fishery, but also the potential impacts of climate change on distribution, growth and economy. Some very interesting messages conveyed in the interview were the absolute need to interact with fishermen to define future scenarios and potential strategies for adaptation/mitigation. I. Catalán asked the fishermen how or if they perceive climate change impacts in their activity, and explained that although gradual changes are difficult to grasp, perhaps they noted some effect of extreme heat waves or new species in the area. Indeed, they said that this 2017, one of the warmest years recorded, they noted larger juveniles on average….of course that is just an opinion!


Comments by footage:

1:36. intro to the  CERES project
2:48: explanation of the fishery
4:18: subtitles referencing CERES, and explanations of the biology of the species
7:46: explaining a series of sub-projects feeding CERES, such as embarking fishermen in the satellite tagging of fish in order to better understand spawning areas and migration patterns
9:10: explaining the potential effects of thermal changes on the phenology of reproduction and growth
10:58: explaining potential trophic interactions in pelagic fish
11:10: explaining what has CERES achieved during the first 18 months! Explanations on all factors being tested on marine and aquaculture production and distribution, and potential consequences on economy under combined scenarios
12:09: explaining economical impacts
12:20: explaining mitigation and adaptation
13:42: Fishermen confessing they captured a blowfish in Majorca…not a species from the W Med!
14:02: Explaining the presence of invasive/tropical species as one of the clearer effects of ocean warming in the Med


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