Privacy statement

Your privacy is important to us. Access to your personal data is subject to strict security controls and we will not share it with third parties. CERES strictly follows the current ethical principle and standards of the EU.

Definition of the service
The collection of personal data per se is not the main purpose of CERES, but certain aspects of the data may be necessary to the research. As part of the participatory events or other research activities involving external stakeholders, CERES activities will inevitably result in the collection and limited processing of some data concerning natural persons. Furthermore, CERES will send out an electronic newsletter and occasionally other information material about CERES to voluntary subscribers as well as to relevant people engaged in the area and issues relevant to the project, i.e. likely to have a strong interest in the development of the project.
Research activities may indirectly result in collecting personal data as part of the wider collection process. If you will be involved into research activities within CERES, you will be provided with more detailed information on the nature of the work being conducted. The information sheet will specify the aims and methods of the study and outlines the potential benefits and risks to those involved.

Identification Data
Your personal data are collected and further processed only to the extent necessary for your involvement into the project. The only mandatory information is the email address, to provide information material about CERES. If you plan to get more deeply involved into the project, we will store the company name, the contact person, the postal address, phone number, as well as background information about the sector and the type of stakeholder group. We will only store the information provided by you. CERES does not involve the collection or processing of the following types of data: sensitive personal data (e.g. health, sexual lifestyle, ethnicity, political opinion, religious or philosophical conviction), genetic information, tracking or observation of participants (e.g. surveillance or localization data, and Wan data, such as IP address, MACs, cookies etc.). As a result, none of the data collected by CERES will require a notification or authorization for the collection and/or processing of the personal data to authorities or other responsible entities.

Who has access to your information / who is it disclosed to?
Your stored personal data is not public and access is restricted to the CERES Project Office and to the system administrators of Hamburg University. The data can be used by CERES project partners to contact you, if you have agreed to get involved into or be informed about the research activities of CERES. Project partners have to request specific data sets (e.g. chosen by stakeholder group and country) via the CERES office and have to make a data privacy statement. It is personnel data and will not be shared with the public or outside of the consortium. No personal data is shared with third parties.

How do we protect and safeguard your information?
The contact data entered via the online portal will be stored on the web space of CERES, as protected client data base (access is password protected and only possible by the CERES office). The complete data base will be stored on the project repository CERES on the fileserver of the UHAM. Your data is secured in a server building with special security (additional

Questions about personal data protection
The CERES data base is operated under the responsibility of Prof. Myron Peck, from the University of Hamburg. If you have questions or requests about the information you have submitted, please contact Prof Myron Peck or the CERES office.

Access to your personal data
You have no direct access to the data stored in our server. If you wish to modify or delete your personal data, want to know what personal data is stored on your behalf, or want your data to be deleted, you can follow your personal link (which you have received in your registration email) to your data set on our website or you send us a message. If you request the deletion of your data, you will receive a confirmation within 15 working days.

How long is your data kept?
All personal data will be deleted 6 months after project end, except for contacts of public bodies. The remaining contact data base will be distributed to all partners for further usage.

Subscription to the CERES mailing list
The CERES mailing list service allows you to receive information about CERES. After ticking the optional checkbox “Yes, I want to receive the CERES newsletter” available on the registration form your email address will be added to the CERES mailing lists management tool, provided by the UHAM. You can unregister from the system at any time, by following the unsubscribe link in the newsletter or by choosing the unregister option in your database account (which you can access by following your personal link from the registration email). Collected email address will used until you unsuscribe using the newsletter service rapidmail. Rapidmail stores all data exclusively on servers in Germany with 256bit SSL encryption to a protected high-security data centre and no data will not be shared third parties.

Additional information
Regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, CERES will comply with EU Directive 2002/58/EC. There will be no retention of data generated or processed in connection with the provision of the CERES electronic newsletter, other than the consenting subscribers’ list.

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